Worries about things that may not happen

Things in a lot have been going good or at least no serous drama. I know past a couple of post I had talk about personal issues. so far things seem to be going pretty calmly. But that was cause me stress, cause sooner or later something bad will happen.

I get email from my job to remind to sent my vaccine for info ( which I already did) but I sent it again and email my vaccine card to person. She said I was all set. However, I still get paranoid I did not do right, even thou I had someone in office that help me and I watch her do. Then today’s like I said I sent another email just to be safe.

It fact that I could really have a terrible mental breakdown if I lose this job. So bad I might go back to day program or back on self harm and being a mess. That freak out, cuase I could mostly find another job. But this job was that put in a good stop in life. So I could maybe move out and have a retirement plan. I’m so scare of losing it, that I can’t relax on the good times


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I think in terms of the email, there is a simple thing that could make thing easier for you - confirmation emails. When you send the requested info, maybe you can ask them to send you back a reply to note that they received everything they asked for, within the time specified.

In order to keep the panic in check, ask for the email confirmation, it may be a simple thing like “Received” sent back as a reply. You can save this email or print it out and keep it in a file. Whenever you start to get nervous, you can look at the printed paper as proof that things were done correctly.

Yes, the job is important, but you are getting anxious about something that “could happen”, and something that is not even on the cards. it’s your mind playing that old game of “what if”. So far, all the scary job related things have been deal-able with some logic, with some planning, with some reaching out for help, like the vaccine proof.

You can do this, you’re already doing it. Take some time for self-care and loving on yourself, and we’ll be here to help you through these issues.

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I grew up during the Cold War. It was back in the “duck and cover” days. We talked about all of the “what ifs.” “What if the bomb falls on us?” “What if it falls somewhere else, and we all die of radiation sickness?” “What if our water and electricity goes out?” We had tons of “what if” questions.

Eventually, we got around to ignoring the issue. If asked, a child living in that time might say, “I might die at any time, but right now, I want to play ball.”

The “what if” questions can prey upon our peace of mind. Lots of things could happen, but it’s surprising how often the thing that happens wasn’t included in our “what if” list.

I don’t think it helps much to say “don’t worry.” It might help to have some contingency plans. Would it help to look around, and see that you are safe, as is your job?

You have already handled a great many “what ifs” in your life. You will continue to handle them nicely.

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