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Worry about health insurance

I’m hoping to get new health insurance in 2022, cause I’m making to much money to be on mass health ( I live in mass). It supposed be good insurance and according to email they said I should be all set. However, I still get paranoid cause I have been fuck over by this bullshit before and im not too bright.

It suck because I relay insurance to help me with my therapy, medication, DBT and so I can skateboarding without worrying about paying for medical bills.

I hate how this country does not put more into health insurance to their people, like me. I just want a basic human right.


Do you know someone who is good at figuring the insurance out? You might also want to ask your providers-the ones who are providing you therapy, who they find to be the best company to work with.

You are right about how messed up our healthcare system is. In Europe, everyone is insured, and they spend far less than we do on healthcare, and have better health outcomes. Many Americans find it hard to believe, because they overlook the benefit of primary health care, which provides preventative care. Early intervention with conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, can make those conditions manageable for a few hundred dollars a year, rather than wait for someone to have a stroke, which ends up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, or any number of complications with diabetes that end up costing that much or more.

Comparing this country’s healthcare with vehicle maintenance, the mechanic would say “Hell no, I won’t give you coolant for your radiator, but come on back once your engine blows up.”


From: ᏒᎧᏕᎥᏋ (Discord)

Hi @Metalskater1990 It looks like from your email that you’ve done everything you need to do. Have confidence in yourself that you did everything right, because that’s what the email is telling you! You can always call them and ask too if you are you are really anxious about it. It’s ok if you do that. I’m really glad you’re getting this insurance, therapy and meds are expensive. ~Mystrose


Hey @Metalskater1990

Yeah I agree, health insurance is the worst, especially going through enrollment and trying to compare plans and making sure your coverages are going to be a good fit. It sounds like you already got an confirmation email. If you are concerned and need assurance, I would recommend calling your new insurance provider concierge line and have the customer service person answer those questions on coverage before it goes into effect. If nothing else save that email or print it and that way if a dispute comes up later you have it saved.

I know it can be so stressful and yeah I’ve seen the $$ add up for non covered items for medical condition I have and so I had a year where I was paying basically out of pocket for it. So yeah I really get that feeling you have about it all.

I think you really are smart and thinking ahead/planning is wise. It’s ok if you get confused about it all, it’s designed to be confusing so we don’t take advantage of what they will pay for.

I would take advantage of the time before new year to contact them if you decide you need to. Keep in mind most companies have lots of employees on vacation and it might be long wait times. Some companies have chat service which is great because you can save that chat transcript too.

Hope you have a great 2022 coming up/Mish


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi Friend, I know virtually nothing about the healthcare system in the USA being from England but from what you have said about the email it certainly sounds like you have what you need, all you can do is trust what the company says, that is all anyone can do. Its nothing to do with you not being bright, its just these companies and the way they word things, we all have the same problems with them. Hopefully all will be fine, I wish you well. Have fun skateboarding. Much Love Lisa. x


From: twixremix (Discord)

hey friend :hrtlegolove: i love wings’ reply to you and agree that if your new health insurance plan in 2022 doesn’t work out, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your therapy provider who they would suggest you contact in terms of insurance companies or the ACA. regardless, it sounds like your new insurance will work out in your favor which makes me happy! health insurance and coverage plans definitely are frustrating parts about today’s world but i’m thankful it has helped you get the medication, DBT, and therapy you need without breaking the bank without it. sending you the best of wishes for your week ahead, my friend! love, twix