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Worry about my job again

I was exposed to someone with covid last week. I got my booster yesterday, and got covid test today. But I still went to work , wnd I was talking to a teacher about it. She told me that should have stay home , until I got negative test result. I’m so sick of this covid bullshit, I’m tired worrying about.

Now I’m worrying I might get fire, cuase could have spread covid around. There not a lot that can cover my position. It just I should have stay if I knew better.


Would it help you if you got the work people to write you up an official process that they follow when someone is exposed to covid? It seems that most places should have a certain established set of rules/processes that they expect people to follow if exposed.

This would take away some of the uncertainty you feel when you’re in this situation. I know you were in a similar recently and you also went to work. Maybe you can get them to let you know what you’re supposed to do officially, so that there is no threat to your job.

It’s here for a while, and we all have to adjust to it and see how we accommodate it into our lives going forward, to make things as easy as possible on our own selves. It’s not fun having to be tested every time someone is affected. Just keep doing what you can to be safe, and follow the protocols of the job and you should be fine.


Considering how many people are going without vaccinations or masks, it’s pretty hard not to be exposed. I think if you are wearing a mask, you should be okay. You can keep your distance from other people too. I don’t think you have to worry about your job. If anything, they’ll probably tell you how to handle the situation in the future.

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