Worse manic depression episode in months

Today my depression hit me super hard it hurts and I don’t know what to do. I just feel like my heart is broken and I can’t seem to be happy. I tried everything I usually do but it just isn’t working. I even reaching out for help from friends but it feels like they don’t care about my manic depressive episodes I’ve been having for the part three days. I don’t know what to do except lay in bed and cry.


I’m sorry that this is happening to you. Even during the storm, there is still light. There will be brighter days ahead.


From: ManekiNeko

I just want to let you know that you’re seen and heard. I know sometimes people want to offer advice and some of it is so good, but sometimes just knowing someone can relate and can empathise is good too. I sincerely hope that you know how valued and loved you are. That you always have a place here to share your heart and it will be always seems and heard.
Sometimes these days hit us and all we can do is lie down and curl up and rest. And that’s okay. You don’t have to push yourself behind your limits to prove anything.
I hope to hear from you again soon


Hey @RickyP

So sorry to hear you have been going through a lot this last couple months. It’s really ok to have bad days so please don’t beat yourself up too much. I understand you’ve been trying to hold things together, keeping gratitude journal and other things around home to try and keep going. I think it’s really something to admire that you try so hard to be supportive and keep it positive for family.

I just want to tell you I see you and your effort. I know you will keep building yourself up, even if today is a dip down on the rollercoaster of life, that does not mean it will be that way forever. Just try to take care of yourself in the most simple way possible today. Just make sure you have some water, food, rest, and if it is a day to cry, let it be a day to cry.

Sending thoughts of strength your way <3/Mish


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Ricky, I am so sorry that you are having this sad time so soon after that wonderful post, but you know friend that this will pass as it has before. I know it feels like your friends dont care but are you sure that is not just your frame of mind and that they actually do care and are waiting for you to accept their love? Just a thought. We of course are here without a doubt and do care very much, its ok to cry as hard as it can be sometimes and yes its exhausting too but along with these sad moments are many wonderful moments so hang in there friend, you’ve got this and we’ve got you. Much Love Lisalovesfeathers. x



Hi RickyP, I’m sorry your depression has taken ahold of you. I have major depression, so I understand how one moment you can be ok (your last post was very positive) and the next you are so deep in a black hole that you feel like you can’t get out of it. You know what I do? I just accept it and try to take care of myself. Sometimes depression just comes out of the blue and it sucks. The good thing is that it’s usually temporary and things get better. I’m sorry that your friends are not supportive, that really sucks. You deserve people in your life who support you. ~Mystrose


Hey RickyP,

I am sorry that your depression is hitting ya hard today. Sometimes, we just have bad days. Despite our best efforts, it’s still just not a good day. And you know what?

That’s OK.

It’s not your fault, and it’s nothing you’ve done. Your emotions are just doing their danged’est on ya. You aren’t alone in it, though. We see you, and we hear you. And we are here to ride it out with you. Take the time you need. Cry it out if & when needed. Our best thoughts and wishes your way, and we all hope that this passes quickly. We’d love to hear back from ya again, and celebrate the up days, as well as being here for and with ya on the down ones.

Take care, friend :hrtlovefist:


From: Rohini_868

Hi friend

I’m happy that you are here, and grateful for the trust shown in sharing your thoughts with us.

“I don’t know what to do except lay in bed and cry.”
Sometimes this is what we need to do, to jst be able to feel what we’re feeling, and ride out the wave of emotions. It’s difficult to always be ‘up’ and happy and positive, and I hope you know that this is a safe space for you in those moments when things are feeling hard. We’re here, cheering you on, and by your side.

Are you familiar with the twitch streams that HeartSupport have? If you’re ever in need of just some good company and support, please consider joining us and be surrounded by persons who care!


From: twixremix

hi ricky,

thank you for sharing this update with your HS fam on the forum. sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to feel those hard emotions. i’m so sorry that your friends aren’t there for you during this low point… if it helps, there are loving and kind people on the heartsupport discord. there are groups designed to hold one another accountability to their goals (action groups), communities based around shared experience (focus groups), and groups that come together to respond to support wall posts (SWAT) which is actually meeting right now to give you the love you deserve :hrtlegolove:

this community is truly and genuinely here for you, please never forget that. we want nothing else but to see you rise above this and find peace after these past 3 days of the depressive episode. you deserve love, you deserve calmness, and you deserve support. you are so loved and valued, ricky, and i say that confidently and without a doubt after reading your other posts, especially after all you’ve done for your dad and family. you can do this, ricky, you can make it through anything!



From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey, RickyP :hrtlegolove: I’m sorry that you are having an episode right now that you cannot get yourself out of but sometimes when we cannot claw our way back up the best thing to do is dive in a little deeper. Accept that you are feeling these negative emotions and thoughts and that you cannot get out of bed for a bit. Just let yourself feel and do nothing more than exist for a short time and let your mind reset. I know that can sometimes feel like giving up but you deserve to give yourself the time you need to fall a little.

You matter and you are amazing. Let yourself cry. Let yourself feel. Then let yourself start to heal. Steer into the skid :hrtlegolove:


Hey Ricky,

All feelings are valid. I truly believe that we have them all for a reason: anger, frustration, disgust, sadness, love & joy, as well as all the others. It’s okay to cry. I think we can all relate to that. I want you to know that you are seen at this moment & I am thankful that you were open so we can come to support you.

You are valid. You are strong. You are enough. You are worthy. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


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