Worthless painful mind

My mom is dead, My dad is dead, my kids were taken from me, im ugly and a loser and im fat and a joke and my boyfriend stays with me just out of habbit… I will never be enough. the people that thought I had any value at all are no loner alive. Im so sooo miserable. All i want, is to be loved.

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hey you are NOT ugly , you are beautiful . you are not a loser , your YOU , your human , you have breath in your lungs. You are not fat (i dont know what you look like), and you are absolutely NOT a joke! Your boyfriend stays with you because he loves you and he wants you. You WILL be enough , You have value! Stop being miserable that is so not healthy . Work on yourself to make you feel better , I’m sorry your having self esteem issues. You want to be loved? Well, you will be loved by THIS community/orginization! We will be here for your ups and downs. We love you @Badfishindian ! Hold fast my friend, you’re worth it!


Thank you for being kind to me. I wish the world was more like that… but your spirit just doesn’t exist in my world, or i would at least of some type of hope.

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@Badfishindian i know its hard rightnow but things will get better

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Things have never gotten better for me, only worse. I hate playing this violin…

@Badfishindian It will only get worse so it can get better I get it had a three month s of isolation that I knew wasn’t me I felt that I was unloved and didn’t know what to to do I found hope in this darkness with my faith in God and finding people in real life to talk to and going to therapy if you want change then we got to be open to it and then willing to find help in the madness. I am in a depressive state because I have been around the people who have supported me through it and I have done my routine that keeps me going. I don’t know what your going through as I I don’t know how it feels but your gonna make it. It just takes a little faith to get out of the boat of depression and get on the land of help and restoration.