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Worthless painful mind


My mom is dead, My dad is dead, my kids were taken from me, im ugly and a loser and im fat and a joke and my boyfriend stays with me just out of habbit… I will never be enough. the people that thought I had any value at all are no loner alive. Im so sooo miserable. All i want, is to be loved.


hey you are NOT ugly , you are beautiful . you are not a loser , your YOU , your human , you have breath in your lungs. You are not fat (i dont know what you look like), and you are absolutely NOT a joke! Your boyfriend stays with you because he loves you and he wants you. You WILL be enough , You have value! Stop being miserable that is so not healthy . Work on yourself to make you feel better , I’m sorry your having self esteem issues. You want to be loved? Well, you will be loved by THIS community/orginization! We will be here for your ups and downs. We love you @Badfishindian ! Hold fast my friend, you’re worth it!


Thank you for being kind to me. I wish the world was more like that… but your spirit just doesn’t exist in my world, or i would at least of some type of hope.


@Badfishindian i know its hard rightnow but things will get better