Worthless Waste of Space

I’m supposedly the smartest accounting student in my school, but in May I am going to be the first accounting major from my school to ever graduate without having a job offer. I basically wasted my parents money to spend four years doing nothing so that I can spend the rest of my life doing nothing. I’m just a pointless human being that is a wast of the space I occupy. I have little to no friends and I am just a burden to those that are my friends. Itd be better if I never existed and if I were to just die now.

That’s really rough. To put so much time and effort into something and then feel like you’re walking away empty handed. I’m sorry that you didn’t get a job like you had hoped. But this doesn’t mean you won’t ever. It doesn’t mean it was all for nothing. Try not to beat yourself up my friend. I know a lot of friends that went to school for something who didn’t get a job in their degree right away.

Sucks how things turn out sometimes. BUT. Keep putting your name out there and keep looking. Keep applying for jobs. It may take a while but after a while you can still get the job you want. Job search is exhausting and takes a lot of patience. But there is a way!

But I understand your stress and frustration. But please know, you are not a waste of space. You are not worthless. You are so important. Valued. Cared for!

I hope that something works out and pops up for you that you can do what you want to be doing and something that makes you feel fulfilled.

But until then, we are here to support you along your journey. To be your friend. To listen. To offer a word of hope. Whatever you need. We will try our best to be a positive light for you.

Hold fast my friend. It does get better. AND YOU ARE IMPORTANT. :heart:

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It’s hard not knowing what’s next! I know that you’re not a waste of space. You have worked hard to get through school and want to make your parents proud and have friends who care for you. Your life has meaning and you definitely have a lot of potential! Please do not believe the lie that you are better off dead because the world is a better place with you in it.
Maybe you don’t yet have a job lined up, but there is a lot of good potential ahead of you. I know at times it can seem like there is only bad potential ahead but that is not true. There is time to find a job and it sounds like you are very gifted at your field. I know of a lot of people who didn’t find work until months after graduating, not because of their shortcomings, but just because of the job market, but they did find places where they belonged and could grow. I hope that it works out for you, but sometimes there are things that you can’t control like job markets and hiring. You are not strictly defined by whether or not you find a job in May. There is so much out there for you and people who care!
We are here for you and ready to listen.