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Would you help me?


Hello. I don’t really know how to write this…
I’ve struggled for a long time. Im 19 and for five years I’ve hidden the extent of my negative feelings. I would say I’m depressed, but I’m undiagnosed so I guess I can’t be sure. I also struggle with anxiety (mostly social), I was recently diagnosed. I’ve also dealt with some self harm, but I haven’t self harmed in months… I’m doing better recently, but there is still so much I struggle with… I’m usually more eloquent then this, but it’s late and I don’t know how much to say. I’m writing this because no one in my “real life” knows how I’ve really been feeling. It gets hard. I would tell my mom, but I don’t want to burden her. I would like to go to therapy, but I can’t afford it. I was wondering if there way anyone who would be willing to talk to me semi regularly? Just conversations between two individuals, whether you feel you could help me or might be able to relate. I would just love to talk completely honestly with someone. I know I could benefit from that. Even just a message below would be helpful. If you read this, thank you. I appreciate it. :blue_heart:


hey there @Blue ,
you are not alone , im 19 and i well deal with depression, and anxiety too . but its been 5 years now . I also deal with self love issues. I’m not diagnosed either but i know i deal with it. With the self harm , i know that feeling i almost relapsed today. I’m 1 year and and 3 months clean from it . By the way if you were to tell your mom you WONT burden her, you need to tell her how you feel . just know this community will help you/ will be here for you anytime you need it .
heres some songs that have helped me through the rough times.
Cimorelli - You’re Worth It -> talks about how you are you and how you should be alive and how much the lies you get told no matter what , the truth is you’re worth it and you not these lies you believe if you were to tell your mom.
Cimorelli - Worth the fight -> talks about how your struggles are worth the fight to over come , you will become stronger.

Just rememer you are not alone through your struggles .
“theres always a light to guide you through the darkness”


Hey there.
I relate to this so much. I’m 19 too, and have trouble telling people in my day to day life how I’m doing out of fear of burdening them with my problems. This community has helped me process and get through my depression, I hope you have the same experience. You are loved and you matter. Let’s be friends.



I have self love issues too. For a long time I didn’t realize how strongly my self hate affected my life and how if I wanted to be better I had to make a real effort to love myself. I also realized i didn’t have to do it for myself, I could do it for whoever or whatever was going to help me do that. I’ve gotten better. I still struggle, but I have gotten better. Thanks for sharing some of your story with me… Those songs are very sweet, thanks. :heart:


Hi! If you ever wanna talk I’m here


Thanks so much. I hope so too.
I’d love to be friends.


I also want to say I am so happy you are still clean! :heart:️ You are doing so great!


Yeah! My kik is Blueberrycupcakepie if you wanna talk