Wow. Getting answers

Had therapy intake. My updated Diognoses are the fallowing:


“Generalized Anxiety Disorder with panic”



These are subject to change. My mom is not aware of new Diognoses and im shutting him out in all this. I am 17. Im finally after non stop struggling my whole life not getting the “your too young” for anything helpful. Not getting medicated. I could get a few different Diognoses but for now this is what it is. I turn 18 this year. Cant wait for things to turn around.


hi lyric!

i’m relieved you could find some answers and receive these new diagnoses. it was probably no easy task for you to reach this point in your journey. i agree with you that there is no age minimum or maximum on when you can be diagnoses. i’m sorry that people have said that to you before but just know that i’m proud of you for getting this far. let us all know if you need anything as you figure out more about these diagnoses! excited for things to turn out well for you, too!



Wow, those are some huge updates, friend. Thank you so much for sharing.

New diagnoses can be a bit scary at first and make you question a lot of things, but it’s definitely a step further. I hope with all my heart that this will be the beginning of a healing journey for you, a new chapter to understand yourself and your needs better. There is something reassuring in putting words on our experiences, as it allows us to open doors to a whole new range of connections, conversations and resources. Getting answers helps to make sense of what you’re going through. This is so valuable and precious.

Keep it up, friend. Step by step. You got this. :hrtlegolove:

Thanks for sharing that update with us ! Though its not fun to get diagnosed with something of course, I find it relieving to know whats wrong and the steps that can be taken to fix said problem. Im hoping when you turn 18 soon you can heal so much more without your parents getting in the way of it. Hold fast friend! Hope you have a good day :slight_smile:

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