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Wow I now feel like we have even more in common. I got married young and was married right at 12 years and have three lil girls not ready to fully express my story because there’s so many levels to it but your life story has given me hope and inspiration and strength to know if you can do it and all these other women can than I can too. Love you lady and can’t wait to see you again! :kissing_heart:

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@landri_liftsalot ilu so much :hugs:

@e_b_l_ love you so much beautiful you can get through it I promise you!!! What I wrote barely touched the surface of what I’ve been through so one of these days we can sit down and just let it all out! I’m here for you sister!:pray::two_hearts:

There is something so unique and inspiring when someones story mirrors the struggles in our own and shines a light on the possibility and hope we long to be TRUE. Yes! There is a path that leads to life, and it is possible for us to walk in it. Family life and struggles are so intimate and pervasive, it can feel impossible to escape. Like the pressures of daily life will overwhelm and eventuall suffocate you. It is hard to get your head above the waves long enough to believe you will survive. The strength you undoubtedly have to rise again and again is beautiful. Thank you for this small window into your story.

@heartsupportwall6 I did not have much help and support during some of the hardest times all the while being surrounded by people that supposedly “loved” me. This is so amazing to find a group of women that have been through similar situations that are telling their stories and supporting each other. I didn’t even realize that kind of support existed. I’m so glad I dug deeper into @landri_liftsalot post to find this. Thank you so much for your encouragement! :black_heart: