Wow ig I needa treat myself better lol

huh who knew that getting next to no sleep and then working a 12 and a half hour day (counting sports and gamedev) with little to no breaks and very minimal self care would make ya end up sick?

Lol I really need to have better self care habits… but ig I don’t think highly enough of myself lol


Hey there,

I definitely know how this goes. I think we all know that feeling at some point in our lives. It is taking it one day at a time, while you find the moments to create good self-care habits. It looks different for each person. Take some time to discover what that looks like for you.

You are valid. You are enough. You are important. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:

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Was it your choice to work all those hours? Years ago, I did the same kind of thing. I’d actually forget to eat or sleep. I sure couldn’t do it now. When it comes to self care and self value, there’s kind of a “feedback loop.” When self care is neglected, it leads to having less self regard. Less self regard leads to even less self care.

In truth, the fact that you were worked so hard is evidence that you deserve great self regard and care. You did mention an important word, “habits.” Getting carried away and working too hard once in a while, doesn’t feel great, and risk of physical consequences are there, but a habit of doing that convinces a person at a deep level, they aren’t worth a decent level of self care.

The mind is interesting that way. Clean up and dress nice, or in whatever way you like looking your best, and your confidence increases. You think more clearly and you feel more comfortable. Others see you in a more positive light too.

Taking good care of the inside of your body has a similar effect.

Finally, a well-rested person is usually far more productive than an exhausted one. Fewer things are forgotten. Fewer mistakes are made.

Take good care of yourself because you deserve good care.

From: ManekiNeko

hey, I’ve been there many times. Overworking and getting to the point of complete exhaustion. But really for who and what?! When it came to my actual work place I put those boundaries in. No I can’t work today/ stay back. I used to give excuses and reasons until I realised I don’t owe them that. I’m not rostered or required and that’s actually reason enough.
So maybe you start to incorporate some things for yourself? Have you been getting enough rest in the last few days?
It really does impact all areas of health, mental and physical when we wear ourselves thin.
Take care of yourself

From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again, Robyn! It’s been a couple days so I wanted to check and see if you’ve managed to get some rest and are feeling any better. It can be hard to make sure we take care of ourselves and get the sleep and sustenance we need but it is so important and I hope you can take care of yourself more. You deserve the care and attention. I promise you you do. Get some rest and take care, friend :hrtlegolove:

Hey all tysm for the heartwarming replies it really means a lot <3

No it was not my choice to work that long (except gamedev and sports) and honestly I don’t feel like I deserve self-care most days so that’s probably why…

It got worse. Over the course of the night i got sicker than I was before and… it sucks. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: but I mean as long as others are happy that’s all I really need to be happy if ya know what I mean…

Anyways thanks again for the messages I really really appreciate them <333

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From: I Am Reclaimer

Hey friend, That is indeed one long day. It feels good to get through one of those and know that you conquered a lot…but head my warning, from my personal experience, continually doing this type of schedule without dilberate time built in for your self care/self love will drain you of life force. Not only will you get sick (more often) you will start feeling disdain for what you’re doing. our biological system known as the human body needs time to recover, to feel good, to be nurished. If not, the body (and mind) start breaking down.

From: ManekiNeko

thank you for your response! One thing I’d like to encourage you with is that while it’s so commendable to want others to be happy around us, it doesn’t fully help us. We can’t compromise our own happiness and health for the sake of others, it’s not fair to us/you.
One thing I now think about is that if I get hurt at work, they’ll replace me. I’ll be none the better for it. It can be like that in other aspects of life too. Not saying that my worth is diminished, but risking my health for the sake of others just means that I lose out. Don’t let yourself be a loss, friend. You’re with so much more than that

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