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Wow this is great i would have to say the only negative thoughts ive been having is that im not good enough for my children and husband


hi friend, thank you for sharing this. when it comes to parenting, i can only imagine how it is. but what
is enough for you when it comes to this ? the highest expectation you will have is on yourself.
try to look on your family from another standpoint, look how they do. what you do for them, what they
do for you. i am sure that you love your husband, and your children and would do anything for them.
you support and care for them. you are proud of them, the way they are. i believe they see you in that
way too. they love you, they are proud having such a women and mother. they care for you also.
you matter to them, like them for you. you matter to us my friend. you are beautiful and you do great.
you are strong. thank you. feel hugged and have a nice day. :purple_heart:

Which is a heavy burden to bear. Because you carry what feels like unequal weight. When things go wrong, it’s on you. You blame yourself before others can carry it. When they try, you know it’s fake. Or feel it is. The issue is that the weight is compounding. It’s hard to be wrong all the time. It’s hard to never be enough. It is a kind of bubble that isolates you from actually receiving their love. And that is the worst part of it. You KNOW they love you, but you don’t feel you deserve it. And so even though you are surrounded in love, it never QUITE touches you. Or if it does, doesn’t seem to stay. You want it to, but then something always happens. Insecurity is pervasive, and hard to shake, to solve.