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Y can't i be happy, all i need is help

I’ve only been going through all this for about two years going on 3 which isn’t long compared to others and i don’t wanna go into detail and take up peoples time
but i will say i am losing the will to live
i forgot what it’s like to be happy and i forgot the time when i was truely happy and i can’t remember when i was happy and i wanna be happy again but i feel like it won’t happen and ikkk people will say it takes time you’ll get better but i don’t have time anymore cuz at sum point i will give up and lose hope or faith and just want to end everything
i have not gotten better like sure every now and then im happy but no not for long and i just can’t take it anymore i can’t be depressed everyday of my life and make people feel bad for me or people feel forced to help me
I JUST WANNA GET BETTER AND BE HAPPY but i can’t be not because i choose not to just because i can’t find anything that works for me
i feel so bad for my self that i even have to write this and that i just can’t be happy like everyone else who is getting better


First, you shouldnt compare your life with others, we are different and we all have different lives, so that cant be compared.
Some people get better with only some days, but there are people that maybe need months to start to feel better or maybe they need years. It depend of the person, so my advice would be try not to think about if people have get better and you havent yet because the only thing that you are getting, is to be worse and you deserve to get better.

When people said that in time you will get better, they are right because time heals everything but apart from that, is that you need to start to do things that you like to do or try new hobbies and to not think about what is making you to be sad. Time heals but for that you need to try stop thinking about all the things that is making you to be unhappy.

Take care :raised_hands: and know that we are here for you :hugs:

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thank you for taking the time to respond i will take your advice. But i also feel like no one knows how to help me and ik their not my therapist but they don’t even know how to make me happy. it makes me feel bad cuz i feel like im just selfish for not just being happy if that makes sense.