Yay, music helped

I am so glad I can enjoy music so much. I was feeling listless getting up for work at 3am, and then the bus just past by me at the bus stop despite me waving. I had to run to it at a red light and the next stop to actually get on. Ugh.

But I put in my earbud and played my free Spotify playlist. I’ve actually come to like some Taylor Swift songs, and hearing Mine just made me smile and made the commute more enjoyable. Yay.


Aaaah, that’s so good! Music is so therapeutic and just magic in its way to impact our mood. Really glad you had the opportunity to uplift your spirit thanks to some enjoyable melody! Hope this positive “meeting” with music can happen more often - and just whenever you need it. :heart:

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :musical_note: :smile: :musical_note:

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Today, this stupid song I love, Agadoo made me smile.

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