YebbaDebba Fan #6

I feel like sometimes i rarely have one good day and then everything avalanches on me and i cant get up

I can relate to how you may feel. Yeah sometimes it seems like there is only bad things that happen everyday and when you do have a good day something comes along and ruins it or something really bad occurs and makes you feel so upset. My advice to you is to not let it get to you. Life is full of bad and GOOD things. When you feel sad or like everyday is a bad day then do something that relaxes you. Go give yourself some time to treasure the good things. Go eat something you enjoy or dance to get your blood pumping. Read a book or something you might really enjoy! What I like to do is read. I can escape from real life and get to live as a character from the book. You might also enjoy a nice movie night! Invite one of your friends to the movies or hang out with them. Something sweet might also do the trick!

I get easily overwhelmed when things go wrong as well. I think something that helps is to think smaller. Instead of trying to have a good day, focus on having a good meal. Take a good 5 minute break. Watch a good tv show for 30 minutes. Combining a bunch of good little things will turn into a good day. But it’s really hard to focus on having a good day when it’s such a big thing.