You are loved and your life is beautiful

Hi HeartSupport family,
I haven’t been around a lot lately because school literally consumes every waking moment of my life right know but iv been feeling like Iv needed to stop by and let you know that if you feel alone or in over your head that there is hope for you and that you are loved.
In times when I thought my life was over God sent the help I needed to keep going. A lot of times it wasn’t by my getting taken out of hard places but learning how to stand in the middle of them. Healing and strength come in community wether it is friends, family, HeartSupport or any community that you can feel safe in.
I know that you can keep going because you are not alone. Your life is a beautiful gift that needs to be shared with the world. You are loved beyond measure and I hope you can read this and know that it is true.
Much love


Hi Flyleaf!

Love you friend! It’s always good to see you! Thank you for your uplifting message. I hope that you are doing well!



Thank you for sharing. I needed it.


Praying for you friend if you ever need to talk message me on disorder