You are not alone

Hey you. Yes, you.

If no one has told you today how much you are loved, then please consider this message as a reminder of it. Whether you are lurking or actively part of this community, you are seen and you are loved beyond measure. Your presence really makes a difference and I hope you will keep giving this online fam’ a chance to make you see it whenever your mind would be full of doubt and fears.

This time of the year can be very heavy for many of us. Sometimes celebrations made of love and compassion are also reminders of a grief that remained silent in our heart. Losses bring their share of emptiness when we can’t connect as we want with the people we love. The end of year, a time of closure and new beginnings, can also make us look back and wonder where our time has gone, what we have accomplished and what we have missed. So many times, we are more inclined to look at our failures, which is not fair.

If you are reading this, it means that you’ve made it through this year. That alone is an accomplishment and a beautiful manifestation of your growth. You have made it through the stressful times, you have continuously overcome your fears to get where you are today. You are breathing, so full of life. Please don’t be afraid of cherishing all the tiny victories, to embrace all that is you, because there is so much beauty in this heart of yours.

If these weeks are painful for you, make sure to rest as much as needed. Take breaks away from the noise around as necessary. But make also sure to not isolate yourself if your mind wanders into dark spaces. That is not where you belong.

You have it within you to rise above whatever may presently be bringing you down. And you have friends right here to support you, whether it means to virtually sit down quietly until some hope appears again, or discussing extensively about what’s on your heart.

You are not alone. You are capable of so much. There are beautiful things ahead for you to live.


You matter, you have great things to accomplish still, great being weighed by impact and not by scale.

There is a reason we all get so amped up for a mythical man to bring us presents in a totally unlikely gift delivery schedule - we want that joy and lightweight carefree happiness. Let’s be our own Santas, let’s find a reason for our joy, be it in the smallest tiniest thing.

You are loved, you are important to us here.


I wish the world could see this post. xxx


Let’s be our own Santas, let’s find a reason for our joy, be it in the smallest tiniest thing.

Amen to that. My tiniest thing today is the warm coffee I’m drinking, and oh boy it’s delicious!

The little joys make a real difference. Merry Christmas friend.

Hopefully 2022 will be a good one. Well, no… not hopefully. We decide what it’s made of! :blush: :hrtlegolove:

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when we get the hot drink jusssssst right, it’s amazing isn’t it? I swear there is a perfect sugar ratio that’s like one grain of granulated sugar that if I get right, it’ll move the tea or coffee into like Astral Level delicious. Maybe I should start weighing my sweeteners :o genuine gasp at possible light bulb moment

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