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You Are Not Your Stream Chapter 4

Questions to Answer:

  1. What are five to ten ways that you feel you’re not enough? After each statement, write out why it’s not true. If you need help, ask a friend to work through the list with you.

  2. In what ways have you moved the bar up after reaching a goal? Describe a time where you thought reaching a certain status or achievement would make you happy, but you later decided you needed more.

  3. Describe a time where you felt jealous of someone else. Did you have a right to be? Did it make you happy? What did feelings of competition do for your relationship with them?

  4. Name a celebrity you admire and describe why.

  5. Draw your circles of context. These can be streaming categories, interests, friend groups, or a club. Draw at least three circles with yourself in the middle, and people you feel you compete with in the appropriate circles around you. Then draw the smallest circle around you only. How does this change the way you look at competition in your life?

  6. Name someone in a close circle from those you just drew and describe why they are talented, special, and worthy to be admired. How does doing this feel compared to your answer in question #4? Why?