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You Are Not Your Stream Chapter 6

Questions to Answer:

  1. Changing Perspectives
    a) Your backward and unhealthy opinion: People will ____ if I am ____.
    b) Healthy and value based opinion: Because I am ____, I sometimes expect that people will ____.

  2. Name at least five tasks you’re doing on your stream or in your creative life because you feel like you should or that people will like you if you do. How are they different from what you want to do? Do those projects bring you closer or push you away from your goals earlier in the book?

  3. Whose opinion do you care about? Who are the people who love you and give honest feedback in a caring way? Write their names down. Next to each, set a day and time to reach out to each one and let them know you either (A) appreciate them, (B) want to bounce ideas off them, or © ask for feedback.