You Are Not Your Stream Chapter 9

Questions to Answer:

  1. Describe a (recent) time when you experienced failure or disappointment. What was your reaction? Did you fall apart and not recover? Did you recover and return to normal life? Did the experience help you grow beyond where you were before? How can you encourage growth the next time you experience a failure?

  2. Self-care is way more important than we think. Without taking care of yourself, you’re like a car on a trip with no gas. What are the aspects of self-care you’re neglecting? In what areas are you doing well? Message a friend and tell them how you’d like to be better at self-care and come up with a plan to keep you accountable.

  3. What path are you walking down in life right now? Is it a direction you want to go? How can you change course and keep moving into the person you want to be?