You have Power to change Ur story

Sometimes I just wanna let the demons (my thoughts) win asking myself what point anymore of trying when I just relapse after relapse and my though yelling “NOBODY WOULD CARE IF YOU DIE”
I try to ignore it thinking of people would miss me (my GF,Seeing my nephew growing up and my sister new baby grow up) sometimes my thoughts override the positive thoughts I just shut down (dont wanna talk,wanna be alone and die) to take away the pain I cut myself in the long end it it a short fix and all im doing causes scars that will always be there (memory) someday I will win against the demons still then I will be fighting still I win


(I made this in my journal but wanted to share it)


Thanks for sharing, @Jaceofspade! Keep speaking those words of life and affirmation over yourself!

Love this!! Agree wholeheartedly. You keep getting back up, and you’re growing smarter and stronger each time. You will win this!

There is this quote that I made into a plaque and put on my wall. I don’t know who the dood is. Just that he’s all about positivity. I like this quote because I am a writer & it reminds me that when I feel so powerless that it is a delusion. I do have power. We all do.

“You’re the main character (protagonist) of your life’s story. Give your audience not only something to look forward to, but something to be inspired by.” - Kevin Ngo