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You probably have something better to do. It's ok ♥️ if you don't read this, I'm totally fine. I promise

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hey @JustACookie I am here for you


Hey there! I feel this. I feel your pain. I feel alone to. I feel like I bother my friends too. I have never been in a clique type thing. I have friends from diffrent groups and places and tho its hard. Iknow if I would have a party no one would know anyone. Lol. But maybe its better that way? We could all become a big group of friends. Idk sorry.

But find people that let you shine. And that you let shine! Find people that give you good vibes. And its hard to do that. But its possible! I have a friend named Light! He is one of my best friends we have not met yet in person but when talking to him on the phone he makes me feel better then anyone close by! Hes in Georgia. I’m in Illinois hes 24 I’m 26. HE lives in a school bus. I live in a house. But he sheds so much sunshine and wisdom on me. Find people that are your Light!

If you ever need to talk you can message me. Ive been through a lot and tho I may not be able tp relate to some stuff I am someone who can listen!



Thanks, I appreciate it

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I just wanna sleep for a few weeks. I’m 40, and life has gotten so miserable I dont see much reason to get out of bed. I had a family a house a fairly happy relationship but it’s gone. The loneliness is too much. How do people dodondodontdodondodonthdodondodontdodondodonthidodondodontdodondodonthdodondodontdodondodonthis?

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