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You really aren't helping your case here

My fucking mom. It’s always my fucking mom. She threatened to take everything that is non school related off of my school computer and restrict the hours on my phone to 4 hours or get a wifi stick so she chooses when wifi is on and when it’s not. Because I didn’t do some of my work that I need help with. What made it worse was when she fucking said “Now get up and do some work. Stop laying down as if something is wrong with you.”

I want to fucking run away. I hate her so fucking much. She treats me as if I’m just some regular bitch who just doesn’t want to do work. Not noticing what I’ve done. Only punishing me whenever she wants to. She already took my permission to wash and dry my clothes. She already took my xbox, keyboard, and record player. She just wants to do more and more and she doesn’t care if I do anything right. I just do everything wrong. I fucking hate living here. I want to run away.


Hey friend. I can see that you are very angry and upset at your mom right now. And those feelings are valid.

I know sometimes parents can be intrusive and feel overbearing. I know sometimes their way of disciplining can suck. Or how they choose to communicate. And I know how freaking frustrating it can be when it feels like you are being robbed of what you enjoy and care for over something that feels so unfair.

I’m sorry friend.

Sounds like your mom just wants to make sure you are getting your school work done and that you are staying focused. I know sometimes the way that is approach can suck.

Have you asked her if she could help you with your homework? I know it’s hard, but just do what you can. Do the parts you know how. And then show her that your homework is done except for those little parts you need help on. Then, maybe she will give your stuff back to you.

I’m sorry that things are so freaking cruddy right now. That sucks so much. I know that feeling. Ive been there before. Wanting to run away. Feeling chained.

Sending you love friend.

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I am so sorry. :heart: that sounds brutal. It sounds like your mom leans way too heavy of negative reinforcement and not at all on positive reinforcement. I don’t suppose you can ask her to try and notice the good things you do? And to try and give you praise some times and not just negativity?

If you want - let us know some of the things you’ve done recently that she should have noticed and praised. You know we are always happy to lift you up and notice when you are doing well.

Please hang in there.

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I’ve tried askinng before and she just yelled at me for being stupid then dragged me by my hair and hit me after I asked. So now she just tells me to get a tutor on my own as if I can do that with my really bad communication issues.

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I can’t. She’s been doing this for years. She’d just say “just do what you’re supposed to do and stop asking me for stupid shit” like she usually implies.

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Hmm, sounds like maybe you should talk to another family member if you can about what is going on.
There are also hotlines that you can reach out to, to talk about what you are going through and they can better guide you on how to react and respond to these kinds of situations and get to the core of the issue.

I don’t want to get you in trouble, so be careful. But here are some resources you can look into if needed:

I recommend talking to another family member, friend or teacher if you can. <3

I hope things get better

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I can strongly relate to the negative reinforcement. My parents always pointed at my flaws. The standards were ridiculously high and on top of that they were always yelling at me non stop. It was frustrating too because my mom would strike me in the head. As a Male I would never hit a woman especially because it’s my mom.
As soon as I left for college things got much better. If and when you go to college make sure to get your own place its liberating. Your mom will have no leverage because she has no way of threatening you.
If it’s really that bad, maybe you can stay with a relative or close friend. I am not completely aware of your situation but if it’s domestic abuse then their are programs out their that give people a place of their own. A friend of mine was in that program and they gave him a place to stay because things were so bad at home. You might have to share a place/room with others in the same situation but it may be better than the one you are in.

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