You will die?

We will all die.

This may be a touchy subject for a lot of people but I really need to talk about it and that would be “death”

I feel like I’m trying to run away or hide the fact that everyone dies, everyone permanently disappears from this earth eventually and that’s including me.

There’s this thing called death that lingers around just waiting for someone to bite the dust.

Maybe you can face death from a positive perspective but I have yet to figure out how to do that and it just gives me anxiety.

So I ask this… why? What is the point to just staying around if everyone has the same outcome? I think because of this I’m filled with no motivation to do anything anymore, Nothing satisfies me and I don’t like feeling this way.

So I guess I will leave with this one question. Why should we keep waiting for death if we’re all going to die?

Thank you for your time if you read this.


Hey friend,

Thank you for sharing this. :heart:

So I guess I will leave with this one question. Why should we keep waiting for death if we’re all going to die?

Well, the words you chose are interesting. And I’d like to ask in return: why not? But even more: is life only about “waiting for death”? Is it about the final destination or the journey?

I understand your point. Really. Those questions, the conclusions that you have, were quite obsessing to me when my depression was hitting me pretty intensely. It was also triggered by losses of people who were dear to my heart. It made me feel very anxious and I had panic attacks at night. I would wake up at random moments, feeling distressed and realizing “I will die, we all will”. I felt this acute impression of seeing life as it is: pointless, meaningless. It took me some time to realize that I was mistaking some general conclusions/facts (we all die) with personal feelings. Life wasn’t pointless. But mine wasn’t satisfying at the moment as there was just a lot of pain.

Yes, we all die in the end. Does it mean that life is not worth it? No, I don’t think so. I think that life is an opportunity in itself. To experience a giant range of emotions, feelings, to understand and feel what beauty, love, compassion means. And life is about what you do with the time that was given to you. No matter what explainations you put behind (religious, anything), there’s also an other fact that you miss: you are here. Right here and right now. You are existing. So, how do you want to use this time?

I think this is about shifting your perspective by finding what is a meaningful life to you. Not to others, but you. How do you define it for yourself. It’s a huge question tho. And it drives us all. And the answers has to be found in yourself, in your heart and your soul. There’s as many answers as human beings.

I think that your thoughts are also more about the fear of never existing. Not embracing this life and ending with regrets. Which is absolutely valid, understandable and certainly something that most human beings have in common.

There’s this quote from V.Hugo that I really like. “To die is nothing, but it is terrible not to live.”
Do you feel like you are living or surviving right now? If you find yourself in the second category, then what are your resources right now to try to change this? To walk on paths that are meaningful and fulfilling to you?

I’d like to recommend you an exercise that is here on the SW. It could be a good start for you to identify what you appreciate in this life, and why it’s worth it: Why suicide makes sense and why you still shouldn't do it

Hold fast. :hrtlegolove: