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You're going to push me to the edge. AGAIN

My mom came in again and said this time that she’ll just take away my phone and limit my internet access to 3 hours. Since I don’t need the phone and everyone else is doing work except me. I swear if I can’t run away, I’ll just go back to self harming. I hate it here. I’ve done my work for today and I’m unmotivated to do anything else because of you and you’re just making it worse. Didn’t even believe that I couldn’t take the test yesterday. But at least she didn’t insult me this time.

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Hey friend. Im sorry that things are so rough with mom.
I think maybe you and mom just need to have a heart to heart and maybe work on ways that can help your communication. Maybe talk about how you both can better communicate your feelings together. And maybe work on some healthy expectations and agreements.

I know you mentioned there was some issues with shower stuff and laundry stuff before. Maybe you can set up a healthy routine for showering, and maybe have her teach you how to do your laundry in a way that she is happy with. “Hey mom, I want to make sure Im doing this right, will you just run it by me really fast?” - then you’ll know for the future. Make sure you’re doing your homework and chores. I know that chores and responsibility can really suck and we want the things that help us feel better. But maybe if you show your mom that you are willing to work on these things with a good attitude and show her you want to improve, she will calm down? Maybe.

I don’t know the relationship of your parents but sometimes when we show case we can be responsible, our parents change their tone and frustrations with us because they dont feel like they have to nag us to do things as we try to do it ourselves.

So maybe you can just pull her aside and just say “Hey mom, Id like to work on our communication so we can get along better. Can we talk?” and just try to stay calm and talk to her about how you feel without getting angry. See if you can work out a deal. <3