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My entire family has been in the military, and my brother just left for it a few weeks ago. I’m more artistic than most of my family, and am currently working on music. I’m placing my hopes on being a musician, but it feels like I NEED to go into the Air Force, it’s not my first pick for job. But it will give me a good salary and a job, everything I need to be set for life. I only have a few years before I go to college and then sign a contract to the military. It’s either do a job I don’t really like to have a secure future, or do a job that I love but take a huge risk and jump into the unknown (not to mention my family isn’t exactly happy with the idea of me being a musician)

Well I hope you can get some insight into your future. I always feel that doing what you love and have a passion for is the only way to go. If you don’t really love the military then I think definitely follow your dreams and work on your music. When you are playing/writing music do you feel like that is where you belong? There is another option for you which is to join the military and work on your music there as well. I encourage you to reach out to Gabriel Brown (Black Gryphon on social media) and inquire about how he did what he did. He is a musician (and he puts some of his stuff on YouTube too) who was in the Navy (I believe) and he entertained the soldiers while there. Just keep in mind that life is not black & white, the military along with your music might just be your answer.

Hey @YUNGBLUD_Fans. My family won’t be very happy with the idea of me being a musician either. If you really don’t want to go into the military, don’t. I think you should do what you love, take the risk, but have a backup plan.

Hey, thank you so much for sharing this. It sounds like a really hard situation to be in, like you’re between what you want to to and what you feel is expected of you. Maybe try talking to your family about going to school for music, they might be more apt to support you if you go to school for it, which may sounds silly. But a lot of parents just want to make sure their children get an education/degree. If you don’t want to join the military then I would suggest you don’t.That is a very big life-altering choice, and if you are unsure, then I don’t think its a good idea. Try to explain to your family why you don’t want to go into the military, give them some insight and maybe they will come around.

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