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Zooplankton and homesickness

I went to beach yesterday to collect sand and seawater with seaweed as a small souvenir. Turns out I forgot plankton lived in the ocean and there were a good amount of them floating in my jar plus one snail. Somehow I feel responsible for keeping them alive. They are creepy but a little cute I guess.

They just swim to the surface and just stay there floating. They don’t care and its kinda funny. I don’t mind them as pets but I’m scared about the journey home. Some water already spilt out when I transported the jar to the car mostly because I was not careful.

We left home for two days and are staying in a hotel. And I know we’re leaving tomorrow but I feel homesick already.

I was thinking about the trip to the Dominican Republic for two and now I’m having second thoughts because when my homesickness gets bad, that’s when I start to cry and feel like throwing up.

This is a disaster cause they already bought a ticket for me and this trip was supposed to be for me after I graduated highschool



Homesickness vs adventure? If the adventure is too overwhelming, see if they can get a refund on the ticket. Quite often, the thought of travel is daunting, but once you’re actually doing it, it becomes more comfortable.

The problem with pets from the sea is that they require sea water in order to stay healthy. You can duplicate sea water to an adequate extent, using the formula on this page:

You might want to think about setting up a saltwater aquarium. You can get info about that online or at a pet store. I had both a freshwater and a saltwater aquarium at different times. In both cases, I let the initial stock of fish live out their lifespan, then retired the aquarium.

Health care facilities often have aquariums because the patients love to sit and watch the fish. The smooth, graceful movements of the fish are very calming.

I was never homesick growing up, because we kept getting evicted, and I never got attached to a particular place. Wherever I was, I’d just tell myself, “this is my home right now.”

Might it help to have an article from home that feels like having a bit of home with you? For example, a pillow?

You’re wonderful. Wherever you go, there you are, and still wonderful. Home is a place occupied by your wonderful heart.

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Now that you think about it, I do have a few items that feel like home and they are travel size so I’ll take them with me!!

Also thank you so much for the saltwater article. I always wondered how I could replicate it cause I didn’t want to keep them in that small jar too long, seems a bit cramped for them. Have to regularly shake it around so the plankton don’t get stuck at the bottom for too long cause the seaweed would make it a little difficult to do much moving on their own but they’re thriving!!!

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