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Uh hey!

Well to start of I believe I am a part of something called a “system” which is a DID and OSDD thing because I have someone else with me who’s name is Trevar. Now I’m the host (Skylar) and Trevar would be the so-called “alter”

With that out of the way, time for introductions!
I am Skykar I go by He/Him, They/Them, Ve/Vem/Ver, and Faun/Fauns (prefer the first one more though) I am here kinda to figure out how to deal with my problems and get support, I have been keeping a lot of things closed up and I think it’s about time I open up for once and try to get things situated.

Then we have Trevar (pronounced Trevor) who goes by They/Them and It’s/it, they are also here and I doubt they would be making much input in the forums but I’m not sure but yea let’s see!

I hope I can get to know you all and we could have a good time helping one another out! :smiley:

Also yes that’s Catra from the She-Ra Reboot.