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39 days free of self harm

yup, i did it. a month free of self harm, i really dont know whats happened these last few days but its something good. today i found a journal that i wrote, it said: “life isnt going to get better, i might as well end it right now”. that was in november, ive just embraced the fact that, even if life wont get better. whats the point of mourning over it when you could celebrate the small things. and here i am. 39 days free of suicide and self harm.


I’m sooooo proud and happy for you!! It feels good doesn’t it?

I have entries like that from a very long time ago, so I understand. :hrtlegolove:

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so proud of you!
Thank you for sharing that too, hope it connects and helps others who need a little extra motivation!

Wishing you many more days ahead of success! confetti canon


I am going to put my hat on just because I want to take it off to you @Inferno. I am proud :point_up::point_left::point_down::point_right: all of them are proud and you most of all should be very very proud. Amazing!!!