5 years ago

About 5 years ago I met a guy online who requested nudes. When I refused, he persisted. After I sent them, he called me a f-a-you-know-what. I now have trouble in romantic relationships and issues w/ self-worth.

Hey @Joshie! Thank you for sharing with us, and I’m so sorry they did that to you! :slightly_frowning_face:

I want you to know that it’s not okay at all what they did. Pressuring you to do something you didn’t want to do, and then abusing you for trusting them is just reprehensible. Obviously they have their own problems to deal with, and how they treated you is 100% about them and not at all about you.

It makes perfect sense that it’d be hard to trust again after something like that, but I promise we can start to rebuild that ability, and your feelings of self-worth. Because you’re definitely a valuable person! Some stranger being a jerk can’t change that.

Thanks again for sharing! It was very brave :heart: Beliefs around self-worth are important to explore, and I’m here if you want to talk more about it.

:heart: Thank you :):slight_smile:

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Any time :heart: If you need more support we’re always around! Feel free to post more or shoot me a message :slight_smile:

Oh okie. I really want a relationship but, like I said, this experience kinda messed it up for me.

It really makes it harder to trust again when someone treats you wrong like this. I promise that what happened then isn’t what all of your relationships will be like, though! When you say this experience messed it up, what do you mean?

Because of what happened I think it’s important to really make sure that the people you open up to are kind enough to treat your heart the way it should be treated. A bit of caution can be good for us :slight_smile: The right person is out there!

I’m not sure if I’m interested in marriage.

Hey, marriage isn’t for everybody :slight_smile: Some people don’t become interested in it until they’ve found the right person, and others will never want to get married. Whichever style works, as long as it’s communicated clearly with your partner when the time comes.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that :heart:

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