58 days sober have quit many times most ive gone i

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Belongs to: Therapist gets Sober by Tool
58 days sober…have quit many times…most I’ve gone is 8 months sober back in 2020. Been struggling for about 20 years with this…love this song though❤

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Hello friend,

I’m just stopping by to offer some encouragement and my congratulations for making it 58 days sober. I am so proud of you! Sobriety is a journey and it has ups and downs, good days and not so good days. It is hard to do. But I see someone that finds it within themself to pick up and try again whenever they stumble. You haven’t given up on yourself and on your goal for sobriety and I commend you for that.

I believe in you and I’m rooting for your continued success on your sobriety journey. :white_heart:

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Firstly, I want to congratulate you for 58 days. That’s a massive win in my book. I know that lots of days can be far harder than others, and that in and of itself can be so frustrating. But Im proud of you. heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 58 days sober have quit many times most ive gone i - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 16 May 2024 | Loom