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A bit of an update + Covid

About a week ago I posted and honestly didn’t expect a reply from anyone. Due to timezone differences I missed Kit’s stream and have watched bits over the past few days. I was actually in tears and haven’t really been able to find the words to express myself. So, thank you to the people who commented or were in Kits chat at the time <3

I’m still trying to be myself and figure out what that is as well. I’ve decided I’m going to take some time to reflect on who I am and who I want to be. Hopefully, I’ll meet some people here :slight_smile:

So, covid…Where do I even start…Christmas was in a way, canceled in our house because my stepdad tested positive for covid on Christmas Day, since then I’ve been trying to keep away because I don’t want to catch it myself. Today, my Mum tested positive for covid on a lateral flow test as we have been taking them daily, each time mine comes back negative. My stepdad seems to have gotten over the most part but I am worried about my Mum, she recently had a chest infection so I’m worried about how Covid is going to impact her.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for the new year <3


From: SPC.Teixeira.I

to be honest, i understand you completely as im in a similar ish situation, we cant control any of this but we can do something important wich is to support one another (like you and your family members) by being there for them, and settling differences aside, ur strong and u can do it, love will prevail all evil in this world.


From: Ash

I am so sorry that your family ended up with Covid over Christmas. I know that likely was not the gift you hoped to get this year. Just know that celebrating something like christmas is able to be done anytime as long as you have who you want to be there. I also know that your family is important to you it sounds so I am sending positive and healing vibes that your mum gets over this quickly. I also love Kit but I only heard about him through the HS side of it all. I am glad that you have found this community and hope to make friends. I hope you have joined our discord and perhaps are working to get involved too. Thank you for updating us on that and how you plan to take on learning about yourself. I know I am always learning new things about me like the other day I learned how much crocheting helps me out of anxiety and such. Thank you for sharing and I hope you hold fast.


Hi HaveTheBestGoats
Welcome again to Heartsupport we are glad to have you :wink:. I am sorry your christmas wasnt very good. I know how it is when covid impacts Christmas. Last year my granddad died on the 25th because of covid. I am glad that your uncle is recovering. I understand why you are worried about your mum. She should definitely be home and take it easy and rest. If she gets bad she should immediately go to the hospital. I hope you wount catch it. I am glad that your family takes covid seriously. I hope your mum will be healthy soon. Take care now and I wish you a happy new year. :wink:


A boga fam : D
I think I remember your post because you’re was the only one who didn’t reply in stream, thought about @ You but decided maybe you were in chat and I missed it. I’m glad you were eventually able to find it ^~^

Kudos to you for deciding on finding yourself! Reflecting on ourselves is extremely important if we want function in a society that requires empathy and social interactions, as it helps us not only understand ourselves and our own actions, but be aware of our mistakes and choosing to change them for the better of our life.

I’m sorry you missed Christmas, is it at least postponed till later? Is your mom seeing a doctor? Covid is a horrible thing that this world was greeted with, and it begins to feel like there’s no end to it, or it will only get worse. One day it will change.

Stay safe,


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