A new form of expression

For years my grandma used to stay up at night and write poems about whatever was going on as a coping mechanism. Recently I decided to give it a try. Figured I’d share them as there may be people who can relate to them. The first one is called “I tried” and the second one is called “Dear Mama”

'Once upon a time there was a foolish boy who believed anything was possible.
With enough ambition, whit, and little bit of luck his dreams were unstoppable.
He looked upon the world with eyes that had not cried.
Why should he think that anything could stop him if he tried?
There was no problem to grand or challenge too mighty.
Any chance of failure seemed highly unlikely.
The power in his blood and the passion in his heart would keep his legs strong,
Little did he know how the weight would weight him down all along.

In an instant he would learn the agony of loss and the crushing weight of bearing that cross.
The strength of Samson was not enough to carry that burden.
He’d learn to swim after trying to drown in the bourbon.
Quickly life taught him lessons one can never forget.
Sitting alone while weeping with regret.
The one who had loved him the most since the very first day, was gone to where she belonged so very far away.
It was hard to believe that someone so loving would ever leave this Earth, a loss so great that it seemed impossible to move forth.

Hope seemed to blossom with a new hope of love,
A gift seemingly given to him from above.
He found someone who would listen and hold him tight.
It helped him a lot to fall asleep at night.
She was kind, caring, and beautiful on the eyes.
Her smile was like watching the flight of a butterfly on the sunrise.
A gift so good it was too good to be true as he started to see her emotions come through.

She broke his heart when she said she must move on.
The one he loved was yet again gone.
The light that sparked inside his heart had now grown dark.
His soul beat down, left with her makers mark.
Now he wonders if love is worth the pain that comes with the strain of having his heart thrown down the drain.
He is forced to abide, swallow his pride, acknowledge that a piece of him has died.
But when it’s all said and done, at least I tried.’

'Dear Mama,
I hope this letter finds you well as you rest in the place you now dwell.
It has been sometime since last we spoke and many moons since your eyes last woke.
The world I now live in would be hard to recognize from the one you left me to revise.
So much has changed since that cold fall morning and little of the change has given me fair warning.
I’ve grown and matured into a man you now see.
A far fetch from the curly haired baby I used to be.

In the past few years I’ve changed my reality. I found a job that opened up new possibilities for me.
It gave me a chance to do something I couldn’t ever believe, at 21 years old I traveled the seas.
I saw sights of which you could only dream, the night lights dancing in the rivers upstream.
Flowers occupying lush rolling hills, mountain top views from centuries old castles.
Beautiful works of art line the walls of God’s church, every color of bird sitting high on their perch.
These sites are just the beginning for my eyes, for I intend to live the life you gave me on maximize.

A girl came into my life that took my breath away. Her soft eyes said everything I wanted to convey.
I felt in my heart that it was meant to be, with your wisdom I’m sure you would have told me what I could not see.
I was captivated with her timeless smile, feelings I would later learn to be juvenile.
I tried to use her touch to fill the void in my heart after you left, only to be left more even depressed.

Opportunity came to me in the form of a move, you taught me to believe in myself so this I must prove.
I took a chance and left everything back home for a city more beautiful than the streets of Rome.
To the mountains I went to chase new dreams, opportunity abound just bursting at the seams.
I’m enjoying my new life in the mile high city, I often go to the peaks to see sights so pretty.

I wanted to thank you for giving me this chance, I’ll polish my shoes and get ready for life’s dance.
You showed me first hand what it meant to be loved, forever in my heart you will be beloved.
I’ll carry the torch to warm the hearts that never got to feel yours, I’ll spread your love from shore to shore.
Your body may be gone but with me you remain, I will not let your sacrifices go in vain.
You did your part and now it is up to me to spread the infectious feeling of love until your face I see.’


Writing is an amazing and healthy way to express ourselves. A good way to channel energy and feelings that are flowing through us. Weather happiness, sadness, anger. I do this with art. It helps me recenter and calm my brain. I get lost in it.

Lots of heart here. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you will continue to write. Great way to grow and share with the world what you are feeling and going through. :heart:

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Yo wassup

Thoughts on I tried: I like the conclusion of this poem. I was expecting something quite nihilistic or cynical but instead I found that the poem left me with a sense of calm acceptance. I thoroughly believe that trying and failing is far, far better than never trying at all (regardless of how difficult trying my be) and I feel as though your poem captured that.

I also enjoyed a lot of the imagery that you used, for example “Her smile was like watching the flight of a butterfly on the sunrise.”, as well as the references to scripture.

While I don’t consider myself a poet, my advice would be don’t feel as though a poem needs a rhyme scheme. Often the less you use something, the more effective it becomes. Otherwise, not bad for a first time poem :).

As for Dear Mama: I enjoyed the rhythm of this poem. I could imagine it being an art-rap type of song, maybe even spoken word type of rap. Definitely keep it up, the message is genuinely uplifting and we need more of that.

Please continue to share your poetry, I think its awesome that you are pouring your heart out in this way.