A small bit of hope for everyone

I am not alone, but wanted to share this, 2-3 weeks ago I was 100% certain I was going to kill myself commit suicide because I believed the lie that I wasn’t worth anything to anyone even to God. My depression took forth when I realized that life was actually meaningless but only not knowing God as your first love. You see all I thought about was myself where can I fix Peace I want to be happy I just want to know love and be loved and during those tough times, honestly I almost came through with hanging myself with a suit tie over a bridge, I walked across with the tie and tears looting off my face, and I heard “I love you” but there was nobody there. Nobody on the trail nobody under the bridge, nothing and I had forgotten that the Holy Spirit still was dwelling inside me when I accepted Christ 4 years ago October 7. That’s when I realized I was more to someone who has more class than anyone ever, ya know it’s God who died for Austine’s sins yes that’s my name drop the E and that’s how you pronounce it. But “Surrender” is what I’m learning right now. If God wants to pour into my life I want to get to know my Lord and savior, because Scripture talks about God, but scripture doesn’t save you, Jesus Christ saves you who is your first love. Life was meaningless, I wanted to die! I wanted someone to put a bullet in my head but it’s the other way around, christ gave up his life so that I may know him. To see the savior who purchased my life is all the desire I ever need. I can’t find hope in someone else, Jesus Christ took a bullet for me, (analogy) he died on the cross conquering sin and death, sin separated us from God. And Jesus willfully took the task, the mission to die for my sins but in 3 days as it talks about him in the Bible, he rose from the dead conquering sin and death.

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Dude, what a powerful story. So thankful that you decided to listen to His voice and choose to live. Thanks so much for sharing


Thank you for sharing friend, I’m sure this will inspire and help many people :heart:
Hold fast,
Luna x

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