A way to identify emotion

So, in stream yesterday I mentioned a new task that my therapist is having me do around my feelings, especially since I found out on Monday that my dog has been given only 6 month to live. As an addict and someone who lives in an abusive house, I’ve never allowed myself to experience them and so I struggle to identify and understand them, but, this has helped.

So, to put it simply… This is for times when you’re unsure of the way you’re feeling, or an event has happened and you’re not sure of how you’re feeling about what has happened.
It’s best to do it with pen and paper and you can work through it with someone asking you the questions, or on your own…

Start by writing out the thoughts that you’re having… Literally anything that you are thinking in the moment. It can be 2 thoughts, it can be 20 thoughts. After you’ve written out those thoughts, say them OUT LOUD to yourself (or if you’re doing it with someone, have them read it out to you) and write next to each thought how it makes you feel… You do this until you come to the thought that you have strongest reaction to. Whichever emotion you have linked to that thought, is the most prominent and the one that you are working through.

^ I know that sounds a little confusing so I’ve done an example with a few different thoughts around the news I recieved on Monday - for me, the last thought is the one that I felt the most.

Maybe this will help someone else. Even if it’s not something you think could work for you, you might know someone it could be helpful for!

Hold fast


Never seen this before. Seems like it could be extremely helpful. Especially people who get overwhelmed by their thoughts. Thank you for sharing.


I’m really sorry to hear about your dog, Kayla. That is so sad. Much love to you. :frowning:
This is actually a really neat exercise. So thank you for sharing this. <3



Thank you for sharing this. I’ll never know if I want to do the same thing.

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@AVJR @anon17277947 glad you guys could find it interesting :heart:


I’m glad that so many others viewed this as helpful too. Good post Kayla.

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I really love this, Kayla. Thank you for sharing this


:heart:️ hope you find it useful

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@Kayla - Proud of you for continuing to fight! Rock on. :slight_smile: