About to just quit

I’m so exhausted. I can’t sleep and I’m so burnt out. Cried a few times out of frustration and now I feel nauseous. Tomorrow I’m calling in and saying I’m taking a few days off. If they say they need me to work, then I’m out of there permanently. They can’t expect me to throw away my physical and mental health for them and their company. I inhaled so much chlorine today that it hurt to freaking breath without coughing. The money is nice but I can’t handle working for so long without a day off


Ik it’s easier said than done but if you don’t like it you should try to get out of there. It’s not worth it if it is impacting you mentally in a negative way.

My brother is going through a similar situation and even though he makes good money he is overworked. Don’t give up and keep your head up my friend.

Hey @alexgamer_hameowlton,

It sounds like the situation has become even worse. I hope it’s going as smoothly as possible with your hierarchy and they will give you these days off. Make sure to do what is healthy and safe for you. No job and amount of money will ever be worth your health.

How do you envision your future with this company? Do you eventually plan on finding another job in any case?

I hope you can rest as much as you need. I hate that you have been so exhausted and have a hard time to breathe. Please make sure to check in with your doctor as well if you don’t feel better soon. :hrtlegolove:

Honestly, I don’t see myself working for this place for long. They have a lot of strict rules (of your hair isn’t a natural color you have to wear a wig, can’t have nail polish that isn’t clear on, etc.) and such. I have a second job as well that I enjoy more than my first one, and if I didn’t have this second job, I might’ve had a couple of days off without having to ask for them off

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Oh I see. Hard to find the right balance sometimes between two jobs. I have no doubt that you are doing your best though. And somehow, it’s good to have several experiences - it definitely gives you the possibility to compare and see in which type of environment you feel more comfortable.

Really hope you’ll get these days off. Sounds like you’ve been needing it a lot lately. :hrtlegolove:

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I’m so sorry it’s such a stressful environment. Definitely take some time off, everyone needs to rest both physically and mentally front their work.
You know sometimes you just have to say that staff can always be replaced for a shift, but you can’t replace your body if you overwork it to the point of injury.
Hope you’re feeling okay


Thank you. I’m actually deciding to put my two weeks notice in today. I understand all work places can be tiring but I feel like they should still consider the fact I have another job and still need a day or two off


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