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So, I was looking into colleges and I can’t find any that offer both my major and my minor that are affordable with a somewhat high acceptance rate but my moms friend is a photographer and he said he’d take me on as an unpaid intern so that’s :). I’m graduating early at 17 from doing some thing at a college so I have time to work or plan or whatever I need or want to do for a year or two so that’s good as well.

I also might take on learning a new language and start reading more books so I can stop feeling like an idiot all of the time haha.

This isn’t really much growth, more of just some things that happened that i’m at least somewhat excited about but I thought i’d post anyways.

I hope everyone is having a good day and is able to smile at least once! :slight_smile:


I know that finding colleges and places that work with your circumstances and finances can be challenging but don’t lose hope my friend. Even if things don’t work out exactly as you planned, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something that could work for you. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we have to roll with it, but in these moments we learn that we can keep going, that we can push through even if it’s not as we expected or hoped and that we can still achieve good things, be successful and become great people.

Graduating at 17 is awesome! Congrats to you! Sounds like even if there is some minor set backs that you still have some cool things to embrace! Very cool.

And learning a new language sounds fun! What kind of languages are you interested in learning?

I love reading but often struggle with focusing. There’s a book called Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfus that Id like to keep reading and finish. What are some books on your “to-read” list? What kinds of books are you into? I think I like a lot of non-fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and sometimes Ill read suspense or romance. Really depends. Young adult books can be fun sometimes. Also depends.

I hope things with college works out for you, friend. Keep your head up! You got this. Know you’re loved and valued. And you’re always welcome to share your heart


I’m interested in learning russian, german, italian, and japanese but i’d have to pay to learn all of them as my current curriculum does not offer them.

I’m not too sure what kind of books I want to read but I like romance and mystery books. I was thinking about reading some books from my past like Warrior Cats, Wolves of the Beyond or Owls of the G’ahoole since they always fascinated me.


Those are all really cool languages! If you were to just pick one, which one stands out to you the most? Do you plan to travel at any point? Is that why you are wanting to learn them? Or is it just to have a broader knowledge of languages?

Maybe something like kindle unlimited could be good for you. Or audiobooks. You can put the kindle app on your smart phone or tablet if you don’t have an e-reader. Then you’d have access to a large library of things to try and read (:

A website that I like to use is - lots of really cheap used books. I buy from there a lot!

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