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Advice for healing?


Some background for ya: I was emotionally abused and neglected by my father for years. My first boyfriend wasn’t much different, and left me as a hollow shell afterwards, and I was numb for 3 years. My most recent relationship included manipulation, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. I’ve got a long road of healing ahead of me but I wondered how you guys cope? What’s helped you heal? I need to heal my belief of never being good enough, my inner child needs tons of healing and I’m trying to figure out how to cope with complex ptsd from sexual abuse. Advice? I feel like I’m drowning, it’s hard to want to heal right now because it feels too scary in a warped way. But I don’t want to stay here either. Y’all are incredible people. :heart:


MY advice is to realize healing doesn’t mean the pain will go away. I myself am dealing with a lot of pain even though I’ve healed a lot. Best is to hope to alleviate the pain and cope with the trauma you’re going through. The Best method believe it or not is to talk about it (with someone you trust or a professional). The second best method from my experience is to find something that will help deal with the triggers when they come. It can be something you like doing like listening to music or having a self talk challenging all the negative thoughts going through your mind and seeing if they’re actually viable or not. (Don’t become your own echo chamber, this is a death trap.)
The method that I use is to let time heal it. If it bugs me I give it 2-3 hours and if it persists I give it a day or two. If it isn’t a problem anymore then move on and repeat when it rears its ugly head. If it does persist then get professional help whether it is a therapist, psychologist, hospitalization or calling a crisis line. If everything is overwhelming and you need change of pace then get a support group activity if there’s one in your area.

Of course any time you want come here and talk to us. (Vaguely or details-remember there are others hurting as well-) We can relate in one aspect or another.

Be strong. You deserve it.