Advice Needed

So I began a website and podcast to help raise awareness for mental health and its 100% Therapeutic for me personally, and that is a huge reason I do it, but I find myself getting discouraged and depressed that people “CLAIM” to support me and say they will listen or support but don’t follow through, and I never want to stop striving to help others, but how do I keep from getting discouraged that not one is really visiting the site, or listening, because I do love doing it.

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so when you start something you gotta be patient right? and there are many ways ti promote your website! even i would love to give it a look. when you are doing something for the betterment of people there will be hard times which will let you down but you gotta hold tight! be patient and this depressing and disappointing phase too shall pass.
a well wisher

I guess patience isn’t the easiest for me, and without having any funds, and no one supporting the cause yet, its hard to put advertising into it without money. I advertise on twitter and ig, the site is if you’d like to see it.

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JOh that’s awesome! Keep doing what your doing especially if it’s something positive. It’ll take time, but even if you help one person that’s worth it! If your podcast saves one person and makes them laugh then was it not worth it?

Thank you, I woke up this morning with multiple emails of ppl reaching out, so that did make me happy, still need a few things,but over time, I can raise the money or save the money, so I am trying to remain optimistic, and thank you all for the support.


Hey, just visited your website: it’s an awesome initiative! Thank you for sharing.

Also, on the matter of receiving support, as our friends said here it will take some time for you to create a stable community of supporters behind your project. Don’t get discouraged! When I start to doubt when I do something that matters to me, I try to focus on the reasons why I’m doing it, and only this. I let go of the “results” mindset to more of a… “purpose-driven” one. What you’re doing is useful, without a doubt. And just by doing this you’re making an impact already. Your initiative will grow, progressively. Be confident. Keep focusing on what you are proposing here, what you’re building. People who are sensible to your action will follow naturally. :hrtlegolove:

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