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I have been abusing alcohol for a handful of years now. 3 to 4, im 24 now. My nights largely end with alcohol by my side and that’s something, I never thought I’d be in. I can’t do it anymore, Black outs, posts I don’t remember, and last night was the final straw. I can’t keep living this way, the depression and anxiety and physical pain is not what I want for myself so I’m here now, looking ways to reinvest my life, and finally love myself. Any advice would move mountains for me. I know this is a little vague but I’m a personal person, this is the first time that I’ve admitted it to myself and openly to anyone. Thanks.


Hi isurvivedby
Thank you for your trust and for reaching out. When it comes to alcoholism it is hard. There is an aspect to it that makes it worse than any other addiction and that is that it is not only socially accepted but in many cultures even ancouraged. You can buy it basically anywhere and there are variants that are really cheap so its not even that money consuming (it is but not enough to cause big money issues). I must say that you are really brave going into this fight. i know many people who are not as brave as you so let me applaud you for that. Its truly something. :slightly_smiling_face:

You mentioned that you are depressed and have problems with anxiety. In your place I would see a specialist. They will prescribe you a medication and recomend you a therapist. Most of the medication that I know of however doesnt go well with alcohol so I would mention your alcohol habbit as well. Consult with them what medication would be best to use and what steps you should take to tackle your issues. Create a plan that you will be comfortable with following. I would also definitely try therapy. They will support you and give you advice on how to effectively deal with your issues.

You have a long road ahead of you but I believe you can make it. You have a fight within you and you are brave enough to realize that you have a problem and trying to do something about it. Let me wish you a lot of strenght and luck on this road you are on :wink:.


Thank you so so so much, you have no idea how much your words moved me, the tears are running and I just cant thank you enough for taking your time out to type this! I’m actually discussing options with my Doctor and if I’m keeping on this roll of honesty, I’m so nervous about getting on medication, I’ve never done anything along those lines before but I feel like this will be exactly what I need. I’ve sworn off drinking and I never want to go back. I WILL mention my drinking before they set me up, I’m so very appreciative.

This website is blessing and i cant wait to continue with my journey here and keep posting, as well as my healing one that is beginning. So thank you for being what feels like the first person to hear me in a very long time, Ashwell. (:


I am glad that you feel better and supported :slightly_smiling_face:. I honestly think that what you are doing is admirable (there are a lot of people around me who have problems with abusing alcohol and arent doing much about it) so I am honestly very proud of you :wink:. Keep us updated on your journey. It is not going to be easy but it will be worth it in the end. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations, friend. You just completed Step 1. You’ve acknowledged that you can’t control this anymore, and something needs to change. There’s a lot of freedom in that. If you’re tired of fighting your alcohol abuse, if you surrender and say you can’t do it anymore, if you give up the control you’re trying to assert over it, you’ll be amazed at what gets let into your life. This isn’t to say “now go do the other 11 steps of AA,” but acknowledging that this problem is bigger than you is a really big step, something really hard to let go if, and the start of a big journey for you. Good luck, keep us posted, and remember we’re here for you :slight_smile:


From: ManekiNeko

so proud of you for reaching out for help! Your journey like yourself is so special and you are so cared for. We will be on this new journey with you. I hope you find some professional support to get you through this time. In the mean time we will be here for you! Cheerleader style


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Thank you for posting and Welcome to Heartsupport. I wanted to say firstly how amazing proud I am of you for being so courageous and sharing this story and admitting to yourself that you want to change for you, thats awesome. I dont know a lot about Alcohol abuse but I have managed to locate a couple links that could be useful to you, i will add them at the end for you. feel free to check them out. I truly wish you all the very very best with everything and hope you will stick around to let us know how you get on and allow us to also support you if and when you need a friend. Much Love Lisa.

Online AA Zoom Meetings - See How To Find Them | Addict Help (

Providing Factual Drug Alcohol Rehab Recovery Information | Addict Help (


From: SuchBlue

Hi isurvivedby, thanks for making your first post on this forum! It’s nice that you have been able to admit to yourself that you’ve been doing this and was brave enough to say it here. Hope you get through this and feel good about yourself afterwards :hrtlegolove:



He @isurvivedby I struggled with alcohol a lot in my life and at one point had to have help to detox. If you think it’s becoming a problem, then it’s time to take action. There are zoom meetings now for AA you could join and if you really need to, you could look into therapy. There are medications they will give you to reduce withdrawals and it really helps. There are resources online to look a too. Hang in there! ~Mystrose


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, new friend! Welcome to the community and thank you for posting and trusting us with your story.

I cannot say that I can relate to you about the alcohol but I believe in you. It can be so hard to quit any addiction and especially one that is so fueled by society. It is so common to have a drink with friends and to go out and “have fun” that it can be so much more difficult to make that choice to give it up and stick to it. I believe that you can show your strength one day at a time and fight your addiction and I am so proud of you for choosing that path. I’m glad you say you will continue to post and share about your journey. We, as a community, love getting to follow people on their journeys and help them when we can and it is always so wonderful when people say they are going to keep coming back and sharing with us.

I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future and good luck on your journey of healing. You’ve got this! :hrtlegolove:


hi new friend!
Glad you found us, and thank you for the trust you showed by opening up.

I’m so proud of you already, for making the admission, and for being brave enough to reach out, to ask for advice. It’s such a good first step, and I’m truly glad that you want to seek out a way to be able to have better days ahead.

It’ll be some hard work, there will be hard moments. You’ll prob have to change up some stuff as you rework the day to help free yourself from the routines that you were stuck in, but I’m excited and hopeful for you!

We’re here to cheer you on, and also here if the road gets bumpy. Be gentle with yourself even as you’re going through the hard process. You got this, friend. Wishing you better days ahead!


Each and every one of your responses have touched my heart, I can’t express my thanks enough to you all, I think this is exactly the place i need to be. I want this, and im so happy to say I’ve started my journey, and don’t plan on touching another bottle, it’s hard but I feel like there is no better time. Thank you all again, together and individually. I’m so happy I made the jump and spoke openly here, and I look forward to doing so in the future! :purple_heart:


so excited for you!

Do let us know how things are going, if you’re comfortable with that! You got this!

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I too am so pleased that you found this community, it makes me smile to see how much this means to you and I look forward to hearing how you get on. I get the feeling you are going to be just fine friend, just take it one step at a time and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. GOOD LUCK :crossed_fingers: :facepunch:


Just the fact that you are here shows you are ready to move forward in your life without alcohol! Just remember, you are loved and you seriously do matter to this world. This process is hard, but you got this! If you stumble, just pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes… it’s what makes that final step so rewarding!! I’m so very proud of you !! Good luck and may the healing light shine within you and heal you quickly !!


We all believe in you @isurvivedby, and you can definitely count on this community to encourage you through all of this. It is our honor that you’ve decided to open up and share about your struggles here. Your vulnerability is a great strength.

PS - If you’d like to connect a little more/differently with the community than only the Support Wall, feel free to join this online fam’ on Discord and during live streamings on Twitch as well. The second one especially is a good place to hang out, relax, and share life together.

You’re loved so very much. :hrtlegolove:

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