Afraid of school and abandonment

I’m starting tenth grade in August at a small charter school. This past year I did homeschooling and it wrecked me. I was so lonely and depressed without any friends and for do long I wanted to see my old friends or make new ones. I feel like I’m getting what I longed and prayed for with this opportunity but the issue is that this is a very small school in a area and I’m in a town where basically every kid my age cares only about themselves and listen to trap . And on top of this I don’t know how I would end up making friends all over again and I don’t know how scared I’ll be. Before homeschooling I was filled with social anxiety. I need help.

I went to a tiny middle school in a tiny town, the kind of place where if you’re not born there, you’re not “one of them.” Fitting in can be hard, it was never something I was good at, but everyone’s differences can be celebrated. The experiences you have with them will change your perceptions, and you’ll gain new skills. Be open to the possibility that maybe others are intimidated too. When simplicity and routine are challenged, not everyone is ready to face them. You’re ahead of the game there, and I personally applaud your bravery. Keep working towards the things that matter most, and the rest falls into place. When I switched districts for high school, my goal was not to make friends and focus on school and getting out of the hell hole I lived in, mostly so no one could hurt me, and a goal kept me from harming myself. By the end of it, I was runner up for prom queen. I made friends. I got out. You’ve got this! Don’t give up!

I want you to know that what you’re feeling is completely normal. I remember starting high school in a new school, and new state, and not knowing a single person. It was really scary, but know that you’ll make it through. I imagine you won’t immediately find people you connect with because that’s very difficult and you said it’s a small school, but that’s okay - just remember to keep your head up and know you’re worth a friendship that’s healthy and loving, and try and talk with those you feel hold the same values as you, or even similar interests. If there are any clubs or organizations there you’d be interested in, maybe join one of those to meet some like minded people! I personally joined the soccer team and that’s how I made my first friends - not many because I was very shy, but one girl offered help to me and I stuck by her side all through high school. We didn’t enjoy the same music or hobbies, but she was kind and we had fun together and that’s what matters. You got this!! I believe in you :heart:


I just wanna start off by saying I completely understand where you’re coming from. I was homeschooled myself for the time I was 11 all through high school and it was definitely lonely at times. When I went to my community college it took me about three months to start opening up to people and start making friends. If there’s any clubs or stuff like that at the school it’s a good way to get to know people who have the same interests as you. If you ever need to talk I’m here!