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Afraid of the future

So I’m scared for the future relationship wise. Not that I’ll never find anyone but that I won’t be able to commit. In the past a relationship went bad and I got cheated on by an ex with my at the time best friend. Since then I’ve had trouble committing to a relationship because I’m scared they will leave me and I know I won’t be able to handle the pain. Anyone have ant advice on how to help commit or feel safer commiting?

I go through the same thing every day, the concept of relationships is terrifying to me. Suffice to say, my past ones have been me being led on by others.

My only advice I can say that does help is to be open about your fears with people you might engage in a relationship with. Once you feel comfortable enough to be open about it, or things have progressed enough to that point, and you feel the timing is right, let your partner know a little bit about that. They might be able to reassure you.

Another thing that helps me, although it absolutely doesn’t help everyone, is trying to accept that things end badly, but it doesn’t mean life is over. It hurts, and it’s hard to get through, but the sun comes up again and we can always move on from anything that has happened to us. I don’t know if I conveyed that very well.

I hope you have an easier time. Good luck <3

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