Afraid to go to school

Hello, so I go to a vocational school and over the past three weeks, we have had two lockdowns.

The first lockdown I was stuck in a room for nearly 5 hours the first announcement I thought was a drill until three kids came into the class and said that there were three or four separate calls three threatened gun violence and one saying there was a placement of a backpack with a bomb in the school. As the second announcement rang it said please remain in a full lockdown at that point I was already shaking and crying a lot by the time the second announcement was done kids started noticing dozens and dozens of officers in the building with huge guns and then I got really scared. I tried to remain calm and hid in the corner until the next announcement had come on again still remain in full lock down mode. About 4 and a half hours later they finally evacuated my class and I was the last one on the bus to go home and they searched everyone before they left.

The second one was last week and it was a soft lockdown it’s kind of a sad story about a guy who had literally lost everything and he actually ended his life.

I’m trying to get over everything but it’s not working and before the lockdowns even occurred I’ve had multiple nightmares about this and I’m still having them almost every day. I honestly sat there during the first lockdown and just waited for the worst to happen.

I just want to say that it can happen you never think people do stuff like this but they do and it’s a very sad world we live in.

I don’t know how exactly to cope with something like this b/c everyone says I am overreacting but yet I don’t feel safe at all in my own school and I should.

Hey stress

I don’t think you are over reacting. There are definitely some really malevolent people out there and school shootings have really grown in frequency over the last few years. Schools aren’t as safe as they should be and people are more mentally and spiritually damaged than ever. Still, I encourage you to keep your head up.

We all die someday, its simply a fact. Personally I take a lot of comfort in that thought. Our own mortality can motivate us to do many things we might not have done otherwise simply because we wanted to preserve ourselves for as long as possible. Life should not get in the way of living.

I know you are scared, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in your shoes right now, but stay strong. Do what you can to keep yourself safe and do your best to drown the fear in your heart. Take the lockdown as a reminder to evaluate who/what you are living for and as a reminder to let the people you love know that you love them.

Life is scary, but we can’t give up on the people who need us simply because we are afraid. Don’t give up, you’ll find that you can be stronger than you think.

@stress, you are so not alone . These threats are not okay . It may seam scary but you are so not alone . I know what it feels like . My school has had 3 threats since my freshman year , 1) was a code written on our desk about wanting to do something , the second one was a threat for my state but we didn’t know for which school and the last one was this year my senior school year , a picture of a gun saying 2-25-19 . It’s fricken freaky . It gives me anxiety because I don’t want to die , I have a purpose in my life . And the thing is those people who do that just want the attention and it’s negative attention . It’s so dumb that they have to do it to cause other people harm . After the parkland shooting just hearing about what I have to go through or what others go through with threats , scare me , make me frustrated with whom we have to believe . And also the threats being made are now a federal crime I believe . So I don’t think you’ll see them for a long time . (Not sure if that’s the right term). So you are so not alone , thanks for posting . Hold fast