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AILD Fan #112

Visiting my mom in the hospital after a stroke and brain hemmorage. Shes alive but cant move or communicate, shes been here for weeks. I dont wish anyone death but I feel it would be better for her(and us) if she wasnt suffering.

I’m really sorry that happened. Just know that you are not alone while dealing with this circumstance

That’s a tough situation, but I get how you feel. A friend of mine very recently passed away from cancer… He was young… Had a 6 year old son… It was less than a year from diagnosis to death… And the last couple months he was suffering and knew the fight was over… It was a blessing when he finally did go… So it’s okay to feel how you feel… It’s about the life in your years more so than the years in your life. Not one of us will be here forever and praying for suffering to cease, even through death, is okay. :black_heart:

You should know that you are never alone through this. I understand why you do not want her suffering anymore. I think its also very important to know that your mom knows that you are by her side helping her get through this. Many hospitals also offer spiritual and emotional support to patients and immediate family members through tough times like this. Do not be scared to reach out when you feel that you need support going through this. Best wishes for you, your mom, and your family.

Hi friend,

Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for your mom and sorry you’re going through this. It’s really hard to see someone you love in this situation. It can makes us feel helpless, but I want you to know that you are not alone. We’re also here for you. Your mom is lucky to have you and the love between you two is also helping her. Your feelings are absolutely legitimate, and it’s normal to say that you don’t want her to suffer anymore. I hope doctors are understanding and helpful for you and your beloved ones. Do not hesitate to reach out for some support, whether it’s from family, friends, a professional or a volunteer like Riley mentionned.

Sending much love to you. :heart: