AILD Fan #113

Even though I try to be positive, it just seems like unless I am making plans or putting myself out there. It doesn’t get received

That sucks. I can understand how that feels. The same thing happens to me.

If I have learned anything, its that I should stop being happy and positive for other people. Instead, I stay happy positive for myself. You should not worry if other people are receiving your happiness or positive attitude. All that matters is how you are feeling and if you are happy with how you are living.
You should try to talk to those around you if theses something that is really bothering you.

Yeah it’s such a brutal thing to feel like the only time you’re valued is when you put significant effort forth…to feel like you’re only worthy when you do well or you put your effort forward…it feels like – why can’t I be loved even when I don’t do well or when I’m not trying to earn it? It’s a terribly lonely feeling.

I know it in my own life too…to feel like the only love I get I have to claw for. It fucking sucks, because it always leaves me feeling empty. Feeling exhausted…feeling alone.

I’m glad you could share here so that we could say – yeah, friend, you’re not alone in feeling that way. And in sharing together, we can remind each other the truth: you are loved as you are. The truth is the truth whether or not we feel it. You are loved and so am I.



That is exactly how I feel and I usually find a way to move on and not let it drag. But I just needed to get it out sometimes.


Yeah absolutely @ellio56 – just getting it out can be incredibly helpful. Glad you chose to :slight_smile: Feel free to do it anytime here…that’s what it’s for :slight_smile: