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Im hooked on pills. My wife hates me. Its a vicious cycle.

Hi friend. That sounds really difficult. Addiction is a tough battle to push through but it can be done. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. For you, for yourself loved ones and for all those you care about. It’s a hard journey but it’s so worth it.

We are here to support and encourage you. You don’t have to go at it alone.

I’m sending you love my friend. Be gentle with yourself.

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Dude, that’s brutal…It sucks so bad to be in a place where the pain of what you’re experiencing is so dramatic that it fuels your addiction which is partly at the source of your pain…you hurt worse, you want to use more, which only makes you hurt worse…it feels like you woke up after years of this cycle going round and round and are now at a place where you’ve got no idea how to break free…or if the damage is even repairable, if your life is even repairable…it’s a terrible hopelessness and imprisoning feeling that chokes out your drive to get better, which only makes you want to use more…which only spirals the cycle faster and faster…deeper and deeper into hopelessness…

Man, I’m sorry you’re in that place. I know it all too well with my own addiction. One of the things I know is this: you’re never beyond hope. By just admitting that there’s pain in your life, you’er taking the first brilliantly brave step towards healing and wholeness…you can find freedom. Do you want to take the next step? If so, I can help point you in a helpful direction.



Hey friend. We spoke about your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream. Here’s the video response.

Hold Fast


Ok Man, you hit the nail on the head…and this is what people such as my wife do not understand. She wants to help me she says, but she just puts me down and makes me feel worse, her help is telling me I cant do the stuff and I cant have any money and so on… I work a full time job and a lot more hours doing side work. I have a newborn and a 7 yr old at home, I dont want to be stuck like this anymore,I feel like if I were to go to a rehab there is noone to bring money in for bills, rent, etc, but the amnt of money I spend on pills is crazy, so its a lose lose. I just want to get outta this

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This is fantastic, I am sort of overwhelmed and shocked that within 24hrs My little 3 sentences made it into a 7 minute video segment… I could go on and on about where my life is now and how it got this way, Its really easy to reach out and be honest online, thats for sure. I saw a friend post a pic of the flyer from the AILD show he went to, and I figured what the hell Im feeling down today I am going to give this a shot. Im glad I did. Things are not going great I have a 3 month old daughter at home and I work 15 hrs a day almost 7 days a week every week!! Where the F*ck do I find time to be home while Im always working? How do I kick the pills when I have to work to pay the bills? My wife doesnt work, I have a 7 yr old stepson at home too and its xmas time…if I go to treatment where will they end up? Where will I end up if I dont ? These are all elements of this vicious cycle… Thank you for taking the time to reach out, it means a lot

Your wife loves you, but she probably doesn’t love the person you are when you can’t put the pills down. I know from personal experience that being hooked on pills is a hard road and it’s not easy to come back from. There are support groups to help you get away from them, try to find one and seek getting yourself better and healthy, if you can the rest of your world will likely fall into place.