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My fiancé cheated on me and left 2 days ago after 5 years

You matter. Everything happens for a reason regardless of how bad it may seem. My girlfriend of 7 years left me and it’s hard for me to cope but find a healthy outlet that helps. I lost myself and was bad with drinking until I found AA. With that I found myself finding a love for the gym through members in AA. Now I have a support group to be there when I’m down or need advice. Keep your head up. There’s alot of good in life. Maybe use the time to focus on you

Hey Friend.

I am so sorry. First, you are not alone. You are around people that love you here. Yet if I were in your shoes I would be saying the exact same thing right now. I went through a rough break up that I was already planning to marry this person look at rings and everything then after 2 weeks after the break up I learned she cheated on me during the relationship and much more. I felt not a single person understood what I was going through I felt alone and completely unwanted. It took time to heal and then one day I reached out. I opened up to someone and I poured everything I had gone through. It was like a weight lifted. If you need to spill your heart out. Do it in a place you know you are going to be heard. Like on here. You are welcomed here and will be heard. You belong to this family. Hi, I am your new brother. Mom said you have to take me to the next AILD show. I hope you laughed at that. Hey, I love you. You are loved. You belong. You are not alone.

Hold Fast
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You deserve better and will find a better man.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I understand how it feels to lose something really important to you, it can make it hard to trust others. Work on doing things you enjoy for yourself for awhile-- it might help you grow to appreciate things you have neglected.