AILD Fan #67

No matter what i do or how hard i try it seems nothing is good enough for anyone. I always feel like an obligation to everyone. I always seem to mess things up.

You are more than good enough. If the people in your life are expecting more than your best from you, then they aren’t healthy people for you to have around… Which makes me want to challenge this… thought.

Do you really mess EVERYTHING up? Or is just that people are telling you that you mess everything up? Because honestly - even if you do feel that’s true, it doesn’t make you any less than any other human being. We all make mistakes. You matter and you’re cared for.

Hold Fast

I understand how you feel sometime I also get these feeling but then I take a look around and see how beautiful the world is if you look past all the bullshit. Nature is a beautiful thing and noone is ever alone ! Whenever I feel shitty I cuddle my dogs and I see how much they love me and appreciate their humans!!! Uplift yourself and live your dreams! You are not an obligation to anyone!