AILD Fan #74

Working out on the road amd in different places everyday its just hard on relationships

I can see how that can be a strain on relationship and I’m sorry that it makes it so difficult. I think the beauty of long distant relationships of any type is the way it feels when we’re reunited with the people we love. If your job is something that you love and want to continue to do, maybe find someone to travel with you? Keep in touch online… The internet is a beautiful thing for us that can’t regularly see each other in person. Man, my best friends is moving to New Zealand next year and that’s a 24 hour flight if I want to just get a milkshake with her… So there will be a lot of calls.
Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be destined to lose all your relationships, it’s just going to take time. <3

Hold Fast

All relationships face their challenges. Sometimes planning something special can help break up what feels like constant work.