AILD Fan #86

I’m different from everybody and I feel like no one understands how I feel or the things that I’ve been through.

No matter what you do belong. You’re human. You have feelings. If there’s a certain crowd you feel like you don’t belong in, then you probably don’t want to belong to them anyway. You have worth and are so important. And if someone makes you feel like you don’t matter then they’re not worth your attention. There’s nothing you can’t say to me that I haven’t felt , heard or been through myself. No judgement. I totally understand that feeling of being different and not being understood. So I totally empathize with the feeling. You’re important and matter just bc you’re you

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Hi friend,

We’re all different from everyone. :wink: That’s also why you are a unique individual in this world, and why you’re absolutely wonderful just as you are right now. :heart:

Making others understand how we feel can be really challenging. Sometimes it feels difficult to find the right words, especially if we’re struggling or in pain. Also some people are not able to listen or sometimes it’s not the right time to talk. And if some people were mean to you, then you didn’t deserve that.

Whatever makes you feel like this, your feelings matter and also what you’ve been through. If you wanna share about it here one day, feel free to do it. There’s always someone who’ll be able to respond and help you. You are not alone.

Sending much Love your way. :heart: