AILD Fan #95

I just feel like I put myself out there and try to take care of everyone else and just once I want the same thing back. To feel loved, wanted, and appreciated.

Hi friend,

It’s really hard to feel like you’re the one giving everything you can and missing that feeling of being loved too. You’re a caring person and you’re doing your best. I really admire and respect you for that. Maybe this feeling is an internal alarm to remind you that you also have emotions, feelings and needs you want to fulfill. Which is absolutely normal and legitimate!

Sometimes we’re surrounded by people who aren’t really aware of these needs and who need to be informed about it. There is nothing wrong with doing that. It’s a question of personal sensitivity. In any case, communicating remains important and allows us to make adjustments in our relationships, which evolve constantly.

Also, if you devote a lot of your time and energy to others, maybe it’s time to start to dedicate more time to yourself, to what you like and what motivates you in life. Don’t see there any selfishness. It’s only a matter of restoring a certain balance that is necessary, as much for yourself as for those you love. It’s a subtle balance to build over time and what you put here seems to be a positive opportunity to do it. :wink:

Sending much Love your way. :heart:

Sometimes our love language is different from that of the ones around us, and it makes us misunderstand them and feel unloved. Communicate with the ones you love, let them know how you need and want to be loved, it will make you feel better. You are loved and appreciated :black_heart:

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